Too Far Gone

by What This Means

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released September 28, 2012



all rights reserved


What This Means Vacaville, California

Five guys from Vacaville, Ca. Straight Edge. We love hardcore. We are interested in bringing back to the Northen California music scene a genre that seems nonexistent. even more, a lifestyle thats almost nonexistent.

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Track Name: Griffin
You can’t take from us

That which means most inside our hearts
we gave it all
we gave it all we had
from the inside out I hope you hear this message straight
and choose to start turning your life around
your words break my skull like fists
pounding me straight into the ground
but you’re the one whose sick

I wish that I could
take this all back
Every time I kept these words locked behind my lips

I strive (we survive)
This is where I belong
But I wish you could join me here

What we love will never die
If we are true to who we are
I would rather spend my life
Standing by what I believe
Instead of asking myself
Who am I?
Track Name: The Grey
When the clouds turn grey
When you felt helpless in your life
You just turned your head and walked away
Behind closed doors, lies a war torn heart
Bleeding out
Crying out to this cold world
As a brother, I only wish you knew

For five years you fought for her
For that I always did admired you
Cause you never gave up
You never gave up
But now you drown in loneliness
With your hands above the water
But this time you are on your own

You wasted such prescious time
on what just brought you to the ground

You’re not alone
In this fight for your life
So please come home
We’ll stand beside one another
rebuilding your old life

You coward
You crumble in the face of savior
You’re in the presence of a brother
There is no White flags,
I’m not your enemy
This is a family
Reaching out to you
You were to blind
you were to blind to see it's love
Track Name: The Days Gone By
Lonely roads, this is the only path I know
Why is there happiness when I feel so alone

With anger in my veins
And sadness in my thoughts
These late nights, long drives
Are the only thing that keep me alive

Drown the shallow hearts
Ill speak for myself

Open roads and clear blue skies
I need to leave this place behind
I just, forget
I forget to fucking breathe
Sometimes I wish
That I could just feel at home

I belong
To no one

So much time i've spent throwing away
Minuets. Hours. Days.
Rich in time, but no love to give
I've got forever to wait for something perfect.
darkened and shadowed
will i ever have something to give
or will i always be a dead end kid?

And oh my god, you're perfect.

You can claim me.
Just come and claim me
It's all i've ever wanted.
But i don't want you-
You'll never have me.

And please trust me
You don't want me.

I am broken.
So please fix me.

There's no fixing me.

additional lyrics and vocals courtesy of Eli Horner of Killing the Dream
Track Name: Shipwrecked
I was always waiting
For you to bring me back home
You always pushed me away
Never acknowledging
The tears on my face

Poisoned from depression
Your fangs sinking into my neck
The venom fills my veins
I am now alone

Time passed and you never said a word
I am my own lost soul

Shipwrecked, I’m lost at sea
Emotions crash, but you just watch me bleed

I’m broken upon the reef
Searching to be set free

Keep searching, keep fighting
Holding on to what you believe
Keep searching, keep fighting
To stay afloat in those stormy seas

Keep searching, keep fighting
Holding on to what you believe
Keep searching, keep fighting
To stay afloat in those stormy seas
Track Name: Miles Behind Us
I’m breaking free from the chains
That held me to the earth
Then and now, its all become
A completely different story
Why has it taken this long
To understand myself?
To realize what’s standing in my reach

Why did it have to take so fucking long?

I have given up to many times before
I would give up on how I really felt inside
But now, but now it all makes sense
every time that I look into your eyes

I’m breaking free from the pain
That kept me on my knees
Night and day, its been so long
Since I’ve heard that singing in my heart
Could it be? Just a dream
Or something that I will never see
You’re the only thing that makes me breathe

Why am I still so afraid to?
look inside my mind and show you whats in store
This is my heart. This is my life

You have just showed me that
Things were in a desperate need of change

You can’t turn back the clocks
And this is all that I’ve got
Track Name: Up In Smoke
Every day when we were young
It was just me and you
That dirt that sun, the blood the sweat the tears
I will never forget
That bond we shared
We always stuck tight

With a father at either end of the road
Wherever I walked I was never alone
But then one day yours became so sick
These family ties now causing blood shot eyes

From the very first moment
You were nothing but a father to me
And you will always mean that much
Helpless and alone
I’m staring at a sickness
Your addictions slowly took your life

Grieving from the hands of death
Fresh air fills my lungs
No matter (no matter what)
This is how I’ll my life
Live my life

Now that I have seen death
My life will never be the same
Living with a promise kept
My heart lives strong

Shaped from struggle
My heart lives strong
Side by side
With a fatherless son

Shaped from struggle
Our hearts are strong
Humble and clean
We will live on

Shaped from struggle
Our hearts are strong
Humble and clean
We will live on

We will live on